3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Turn a Negative Situation Into Empowerment

Hanna Fitz- Brand Strategist and Online Business Coach


“You don’t need to have all the answers; you only need the faith to believe that what you desire will happen for you.” – Hanna Fitz, I AM THE GATEKEEPER

One of the most fascinating traditions I learnt in Tahiti, is the Tahitian take on punishment, particularly for children, which I think everyone can learn from and apply to their own lives for a more positive mindset and beautiful life.

Our tour guide told us that she has fourteen children (football team as she described it). Apart from being part comedian, part certified tour guide, she explained that in Tahiti, when a child does something wrong, the punishment is to plant a tree.

The type of tree determines the severity of the punishment you plant and how much care the trees needs to take root. She explained that the banana tree is widely recognized as the most severe punishment due to the amount of maintenance needed to successfully plant a banana tree.

The philosophy behind this approach is magnificent. Turn negative energy into positive energy, by transferring it into something that creates a new life form and perhaps bears fruit. Amazing isn’t it! Polynesians know that the only way to convert a negative situation into a positive outcome is by transferring into positive energy or activity. I love it.

I believe, if we approach the situations we perceive as negative with a positive outlook and plant a new seed, perhaps we will be proud of what we achieve in our lives. As business owners we will encounter challenges from time to time. It may seem like your strategies and effort are all in vain. That’s when you need to stay in the game and use these moments to empower and propel you to new heights.

Maybe you do not literally plant a tree, but you can turn a negative situation into a positive by using any of the following techniques:

#1 Ask Empowering Questions

Instead of asking why is this happening to me? Ask what is this trying to show me? This is an approach that I have found to be effective not only in myself, but in the lives of my clients. You see questions are like seeds and asking the right questions can lead you to new discoveries, new lessons and open doors to new possibilities (the fruit). This is a more empowering approach than saying “why is this happening to me?”. With the latter question, you are allowing yourself to slip into victim mode and blaming instead of looking within and discovering the wonderful gifts and blessings of the situation. You are in essence relinquishing your personal power and slipping into a mindset that you have no control and that life is happening to you. To own your personal power you need to ask the right questions and there you will find that life is happening for you.

#2 Reaffirm the truth about yourself

Everything that has ever been created has a purpose and sometimes even those things that appear to be nuisance, serve to create something good. No one likes ants walking all over their beautiful peonies, yet it is the ant walking on the buds that allow the peonies to achieve it’s full blossom. In life challenges are inevitable, but it is only through challenges that you will learn your true power and strength. It is challenges that help shape and test us to turn us into the worthy person of your dreams. Most people do the opposite. They start to believe that challenges are an indication that they are unworthy. The truth is, the reason you are being challenged is to prepare you not deter you. See challenges for what they are and like the great Italian poet Dante Aligherghi’s Divine Comedy, you will rise from the inferno into your paradise.

#3 There is a solution to everything

Some time ago I met a leading Philippino entrepreneur who despite running a major operation looked so relaxed, happy and at ease with live. When asked how he was able to stay so calm running this his big enterprise, with so much responsibility? He said “my single philosophy in life is that there is a solution to everything. Knowing this reassures me that it will always work out” This was about 10 years ago and this statement has left an indelible impression on me.

No matter what the situation is, there is a solution. Most of our fear and negative energy comes from feeling out of control and worried that we may not overcome a particular situation, but if you plant the seed of “there is a solution” and remind yourself of this when needed, you will find that negative situations can turn into positive outcomes. The reassuring thought that there is a solution, is an empowering positive approach that will draw your attention to finding one. There is an old adage ‘seek and you will find” which never fails.


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