“I was able to create and sell my high-end coaching online packages while doing the program.

Working with Hanna gave me the clarity on what my luxury brand should look like, feel like and sound like. Transitioning from the Corporate world to where I am today was intimidating, but Hanna gave the perfect insight and strategies to help you dig deep beyond the surface stuff and focus on what really matters. Her insight and knowledge on creating a luxury brand was quite impressive and I am excited to relaunch with confidence and brilliance. Thanks Hanna!

Karlyn Percil, Success Coach & Elephant Storyteller, empowering millions of women to take bold action & create a meaningful life they love. As seen on Oprah’s Life class & Cityline



“If you are looking for an expert who understands your purpose, brand and style, then Hanna is the one to hire today.”

Working with Hanna on my brand during our Intensive was a truly amazing experience. She is a great expert when it comes to building your high-end brand and I liked her unique personal approach to a client. If you’re looking for a brand expert who understands your purpose, brand, and style, then Hanna is the one to hire today.”

Alena Hielema, Amsterdam



“Last night I had my first online workshop with my new brand, and it was amazing. The most sign ups and attendees ever..!

I searched for a business coach for weeks. I wanted someone who wasn’t just a “cookie cutter” business coach. Hanna’s coaching style was unique and refreshing; she seamlessly combined the mindset practice that I needed with the tangible changes that I also needed to make to be successful in my online business.  I said yes to working with Hanna because I was in desperate need of change. I was passionately working an expensive hobby that needed to quickly change into a full-time business. I had the knowledge, the ability, and the skills to succeed, but I didn’t have a brand.  No one knew my name, what my message was, or how I could help them. To be honest, I didn’t really know either!

Hanna helped me set a clear foundation for my consulting businesses. She helped me mentally, spiritually, and technically to “become” my brand. I went from unrelatable and confusing to personable and simplified. Even after our paid sessions were complete, Hanna continued to check in on my progress. She went well over and beyond what was expected; she could sense when I was feeling discouraged, and she helped me instantly gain back confidence and resilience. I am so happy with my transformation, and I would highly recommend her if you want to finally realize your desire to create a luxury business and brand that you love.”

Jennifer Hutchinson, Herbalist + Physiologist, USA 




“As a result of working with Hanna and creating a professional brand image, I had my first $12,500 month…

In just a few weeks I went from total website shame to proudly presenting my exquisite marketing material at a conference for 2000 women. Her individualized process and guidance assisted me with creating a world class brand finding the soul of my business, reconnecting with my vision and my ideal client. Hanna’s teachings supported me to truly claim my worth and take my business to the next level.”

Renata- Nutritionist + Health Coach, USA  



Hanna skillfully coached me to discovering the clarity on exactly who I was serving (my ideal client).

I happily find myself referring matters outside my niche practice area to other skillful practitioners. Practitioners now also consult with me on matters that concern my area of practice. I also now have the time to truly study aspects of my niche law practice area with the goal of becoming the go-to specialist in the area.

As I followed Hanna’s business insight and guidance, my ideal clients began to locate me. I now serve my clients with ease and with the best of all that I have to offer. I must also mention how my practice logo re-design has taken on deeper meaning thanks to Hanna’s dedicated insight and guidance. It now serves as a constant reminder of my core values and why it is the practice does what we do.

Hanna’s personal touch as a sensitive and frank lady, will motivate you to conduct the research and do the tweaks necessary to enable your business to take flight in branded fashion. The value of signing up with Hanna was positively life changing and far exceeded anything that I could pay to receive such exquisite business branding insight and so much more.

Private Coaching Client


Working with Hanna is a total entrepreneur’s dream.

“She genuinely shares her savvy and dynamic system to achieve success with her clients. Her professional dedication to unique and detailed branding is a cut above the rest. She inspires and motivates me to continue bringing my best.”

Marie Andrew Piazza, Health and Wellness Coach



“Hanna is one of the few people that I have felt comfortable to bare my soul to.”

Through her coaching techniques and gentle spirit, I have been able to discover and rediscover parts of myself that “life” had buried. This has translated into new found confidence and jois de vivre that has allowed me to be a better person and more successful in my business.”

Private Coaching Client and Business Owner


“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed on with Hanna, but I know I received more than I bargained for.

I wasn’t sure about the specific direction of my business I wanted/needed to go, and she aided in my clarification about many avenues. I feel as though she wrapped my brain around a different way of thinking and brought out my strengths so that people would relate to my mission. Hands down she is amazing and talented at what she does for your brand and I hope to continue our working process together in the future.”  

Diana Proemm, Bigger Picture RT



“A young yet mature professional with great drive and passion which is displayed in everything that she does.”

I would have no hesitation in recommending Hanna to you as I know that no matter what the task, you will be thrilled with the outcome.”

Ross Stevenson, General Manager, Cap Maison Resort and Spa, 2010 Condè Naste Johansen Award Winning Hotel




I worked with Hanna to gain clarity on my brand. 

It was three hours of digging deep into who I was and what I wanted to do in the World. At the end of the sessions, I had gained a much deeper understanding not only of who I was as a person, and how I wanted to be of service, but also of what I wanted my business to look like. Everything I’ve done since then, has been informed by the knowledge I gained during my session with Hanna. I can’t thank her enough, for helping me gain a deeper understanding of who I am and what I need to do to fulfill my purpose.

Dr. Tanya Destang Beaubrun- Physician + Wellness Coach



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