An email will be sent to you shortly with your username and password and access to the program. I am so excited for you on this journey of creating an amazing high-end chic brand to stand out and attract clients you love to serve. 

"Last night, I had my first online workshop with my new brand, and it was amazing. The most sign ups and attendees ever! Overcoming and going higher!"

Jennifer Taylor Jennifer Taylor

"If you are ready to take your business to the next level and create a brand that aligns with your values and targets your ideal customer then you need to take Hanna’s course, The Creative Brief. This course has a unique way of taking you through the necessary steps to create a brand that will resonate with your tribe in a simple yet effective manner. In the recordings Hanna shares plenty of examples to help you understand each branding concept and the worksheets help to easily and effectively navigate through each step of the process. The end result will be a brand you love and that truly resonates with your tribe, one that exemplifies who you are and what you have to offer." 

Alexandra Marin, USA Alexandra Marin, USA