5 Steps to shift from “just another business” to “the brand”:

Hanna Fitz- Brand Strategist and Online Business Coach


Many of the women I work with say to me that there are three things that keep them from being more visible as a high-level expert even being fairly well-accomplished:
  • Lack of clarity: on their true purpose, brand message, who they are really meant to serve and exactly what steps they need to take to create a clear foundation and strategy for their next level brand.
  • Fear: of calling yourself an expert and being truly visible even though you have the knowledge. What if you’re criticized, seen as a “me-too”. You’re undercharging for your amazing work because you do it so naturally, that giving it free has become second nature.
  • Staying Consistent: They’re doing things here and there. Writing newsletters or recording videos occasionally, but not making progress and not being consistent. TIME seems to always be a problem due to lack of structure. There is no strategy, just lots of activity.
There are 5 Steps to take to make the shift from “just another business” to “the brand”:

Mindset: I can’t tell you how many times my clients have discovered limiting beliefs and fears that have been sabotaging their growth during some of the most unlikely sessions. The mind is tricky and what might seem “normal” or “logical” could be a limiting belief in action. Having someone that can hear you and trained to help you make the transformation, can make a big difference in your life.

Brand Strategy: this is the foundation of your business, the roadmap. If we were building a house, it would be your architectural drawing, “THE BLUEBRINT”. Without this roadmap, your brand will lack clarity, cohesion, consistency and ideal customers.

Unique Brand Identity: Your brand identity is the magnet that attracts customers and keeps them coming back. Your identity when well developed will set you apart from competitors. This is where your unique key message will emerge. It’s the reason a client will choose you over another brand.

Stand-out Brand Image: Your visuals are a reflection of your strategy and identity. It is what will send the initial message to your ideal client, that you are the one. It is a sensory tool to emotionally draw in your ideal clients and communicate your message in ways that cannot be expressed in words.

Product development/Marketing: Being visible and in the spotlight with marketable products/services is key to successful brand positioning. This is where we will develop your premium packages and 90-day marketing plan to start attracting and converting your high-end clients.

Confidence that you have a clear plan and access to world class brand building strategies, systems, and structures that will position you as an expert and attract your clients will help you take more successful action towards building your brand and positioning yourself as an expert.

It does not matter if you are just starting out with an idea or looking to up-level your current business, these steps will work for you. If you would like some more clarity around how you can implement these steps in your business to stand out from the competition and confidently position yourself as a go-to expert, meet with me for a free 30 minute strategy session.



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