How Turn Your Passion Into Profit in 2017

Hanna Fitz- Brand Strategist and Online Business Coach


I always knew I wanted to own my own business, but when I left university,  I hadn’t seen anyone who successfully made the leap from school to owning a business, so I decided to get a corporate job. I also needed to raise capital for any new business I was going to venture into. About 3 1/2 years into my corporate job, I started to feel that call again. At first it came as little nudges of desire that I could dismiss because of all the rational reasons like “you’re too young”, “you don’t have enough money now”, “it’s not the right time.”

Then it started happening, this nudge had turned into an unstoppable magnetic pull. I remember it like it was yesterday, the only way I can explain it, is that it was a holy encounter. I was sitting in my tiny cubicle like every other work day, suddenly a compelling thought came into mind, I broke down in tears as a gentle whisper said “it’s time”. All the emotions that could rush to a person came flooding to me all at once.

I requested the rest of the day off from work. I knew in that moment that my desire to work with entrepreneurs and help people turn their passion into profit was more than a desire, it was my calling. The process had started even before I realized it. I was the product development and management officer helping this company create and revamp products to attract their ideal clients. I decided to package my experience and my passion for brand development and started my own business in the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008. That was 7 years ago!

I decided to TAKE THE RISK, DEFY FEAR and invested my retirement savings in my business, leveled up my skills through various training programs and eventually got a business coach and mentor who would help change my life in ways I always imagined.  Those weekly calls helped me make the shift from dreaming of the woman I will be someday, to owning this version of myself in the now.

I discovered that I have a natural ability to monetize almost anything I am passionate about and have never taken a course or learnt a skill, without converting that knowledge or talent into income almost immediately. I also know I have an ability to show others how to do the same with clarity. I don’t know where you are on your journey. Maybe you’re now taking the leap from a soul sucking corporate job to pursue your passion in your own business or maybe you have a small business and ready to elevate your brand. I would like to share with you five ways you can turn your passion into a business that elevates your soul, transforms lives and creates financial rewards:


1. Find the Gap and Fill It

Hopefully you already know what you are passionate about, if you don’t, you can download my free e-workbook THE IRRESISTIBLE BRAND here and complete the worksheet on clarifying your purpose.  Once you know what you love to do and how you want to spend your days transforming lives, it’s important that you figure out what are the current gaps in the market? How are people’s problems being under serviced in this area and what can you offer to make their lives better. This will allow you to identify unmet needs in a way other providers are not so that you don’t need to compete, you can create a unique niche for yourself.


2. Develop Mastery

It is important that you hone your skills and develop a high level of competence around the area that you are passionate about. It may require that you undergo some training or certification and put in the practice hours. I did a lot of pro Bono work in the beginning, just to practice and hone my skills. There is nothing that undermines success more than lack of confidence. Do everything it takes to develop competence and mastery around your passion, so that you can confidently bill your clients for your brilliance.


3. Invest in Yourself

Often people invest in starting a business by creating products and services and there is no money left for up-leveling their strategies and structure. Set aside a certain about to invest in your own up leveling every year, and to invest in marketing your business and building your brand. This will assist you in showing up in a high level way for your clients. All of the strategies and mindset shifts I made with my own business coach (and continue to make with my coach) has saved me thousands of dollars in costly mistakes and helped me level up quickly and more boldly to start going for higher value projects and clients.


4. Start Now

Your dreams can come true now. Don’t put into some future to do list”. I had a friend who always said to me “MAKE IT HAPPEN HANNA”. Of course that was her trying to convince me to go out on a Saturday night, but I have used these three words to help me take action on my goals in my business and personal life. Take a small step today to make it happen. What can you do right now to take one step closer to creating a business around your passion? Now go out and make it happen. I hear you about to say “but…”. Make it happen!


5. Take a leap of Faith

People often say “I have faith” yet do not ACT in faith. If you don’t believe in yourself and your dreams, who will? The absence of faith is fear and it stops many people from taking massive action and investing in their dreams.  (I know I have been there!). The fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of disappointment, etc. All the drama that happens in your mind.  Inside the house of fear is its best friends procrastination and doubt. Are you going to live in the house of fear this year or are you going to act in faith and make your dreams happen? Avoid decision paralysis  and making decisions from a place of limitation. Take bold action on getting the resources, people and tools you need to make your signature brand happen.

The world needs your special talent and gift and there are people who need it now. There are people who are waiting for you to take action, so they can have access to this resource or information you have to change their lives. It’s time to package your brilliance, build your signature brand and of course, enjoy the beautiful lifestyle that you desire.

Would you like to join me for a complimentary strategy session where we look at what you are doing now, what has been working  and not working and get some recommendations for the next step, schedule your appointment here. There is no time like the now time!






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