"I'll Be Revealing The Exact 5 Steps To Confidently Build An Online Brand That Is Positioned To Attracts High-End Clients."

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Create an irresistible brand to propel yourself into the spotlight and in front of ideal clients who seek your advice and buy your premium services. 

Would you like to create a stronger online presence to build your expert positioning and  attract your ideal clients? 

Do you dream of becoming known as an industry leader with an authentic and captivating message that ideal clients absolutely LOVE?

It's possible but after being a consultant for international award-winning brands over the last 7 years, the mistake I see a lot of entrepreneurs making, is working at the end of the process.

Many come up with a great idea and go straight to the launch. The process of attracting your ideal clients starts before you invest in a single advertisement, sales campaign or website.


All successful luxury and high-end brands have one thing in common:


that creates an irresistible attraction which draws in high-value clients, who say YES


The 6 and 7 figure business owners know this too. They've invested in creating a big picture strategy, signature brand message, compelling story and stand out visuals for their brand.


And while many will talk about the money story, the core of their success lies in THE SECRET FORMULA that very few talk about...



Hi I'm Hanna Fitz, international brand strategist and business coach and I help ambitious service-based entrepreneurs, stand out as a go-to expert in their niche with a high-end brand.

I have created a unique step by step process to help my clients develop and fall in love with their high-end revenue-generating brand.

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Why it's NOT your relationship with money that is keeping you from charging your worth and being visible as a stand-out expert, and how LOVE will turn things around.


Understand the two key ingredients to create an ICONIC BRAND IDENTITY that positions you for client love and success in your industry.


The MUST-HAVE TRIO that ideal clients will pay more for and how to incorporate them into your brand, to start earning a premium price for your amazing work.


What you need to do to give your brand a CHIC MAKEOVER to stand out with stunning visual stories online that attract your ideal clients.



Enter your name and email address to reserve your spot to watch this amazing free live training.

We value your privacy and would never spam you

Your relationship with your brand needs to be a love story. Join me for this free live training event. I'm looking forward to meeting you soon.

Cheers to your epic life!

International Brand Strategist and Business Coach

“I was able to create and sell my high-end coaching online packages while doing the program.

Working with Hanna gave me the clarity on what my luxury brand should look like, feel like and sound like. Transitioning from the Corporate world to where I am today was intimidating, but Hanna gave the perfect insight and strategies to help you dig deep beyond the surface stuff and focus on what really matters. Her insight and knowledge on creating a luxury brand was quite impressive and I am excited to relaunch with confidence and brilliance. Thanks Hanna!

Karyln Percil, Success Coach
Karyln Percil, Success Coach Canada

"She is a great expert when it comes to building your high-end brand..."
"Working with Hanna on my brand during our Intensive was a truly amazing experience. She is a great expert when it comes to building your high-end brand and I liked her unique personal approach to a client. If you're looking for a brand expert who understands your purpose, brand, and style, then Hanna is the one to hire today"

Alena Hielema, Business Coach
Alena Hielema, Business Coach Amsterdam