Refresh and Renew Your Brand To Attract More Clients

Hanna Fitz- Brand Strategist and Online Business Coach

Think of refreshing your brand like spring time when everything is green and vibrant again!  The blossom of fresh tulips in London and crisp air of Milan are always on my mind this time of year. But more than everything blooming again, it is usually a time we all look to revamp our wardrobes, bodies and increase sales in your business.

Adding some freshness to your brand image can create even deeper, more meaningful connections with your ideal clients. It’s also a great time to reassess what has worked or not worked in the first quarter and create a plan to blossom in an even more amazing way this season.

Here are my 4 Refresher tips for revamping your brand, attracting clients and making more sales:


#1 Reassess Your Target Audience and Strategy 

It’s a great time to take a fresh look at your current target audience, as clients/customers’ desires may have shifted or your own desires on how you want to show up in the market may have changed and now you want to focus on a different target group with a new product or service. Perhaps there is a new source of revenue that may be available to you within your current target audience that you had not seen before. Take some time to step back and look in with fresh eyes and ask really good questions like “is it time to focus on a particular type of customer in my business?”, “Who can I best serve?”

Once you have clarified your ideal client, you want to ensure that you tweak your marketing strategy and implement new promotional tactics to reach these new clients.


#2 Spruce Up Your Message 

Refreshing your message to ensure that it truly resonates with your ideal clients is a great way to inspire a sense of newness, excitement and deeper connection with your work. How can you make your message more interesting and relevant with an air of freshness that energizes and excites your people to take action and become your clients. What trends and new opportunities can you tap into that will elevate the desire for your products and services?

You may also want to implement new ways of communicating with your audience and getting more visible in your market. How can you communicate in new ways to your audience?


#3 Refresh your products and services

Your ideal clients are seeking to rejuvenate various aspects of their lives at this time of year. How can you refresh your product/service offer to add more value to them, stay up to date with current market trends and help your clients achieve their goals and create the renewal they are looking for in their life and business? There may be products and services that you haven’t been promoting that you can give a boost this spring. What products and services can you promote in a new way this month? How can you add even more value to clients?


#4 Redesign or Tweak Your Website and Social Media

Renew your brand image with a great looking website and inspiring copy that connect with your ideal client. If you have been feeling like your website needs a facelift, now is the time. Ensure that you have carefully mapped out your brand strategy first before building or revamping your website, otherwise you may end up with a website that does not support the successful positioning of your brand and reflect the type of copy that will impact and influence your ideal clients.

If you are feeling like your website needs a facelift, give your home page a fresh look, add new content to your blog and tweak your service page. Your social media profiles may need to be updated or completed for greater consistency. If you are using Linkedin ensure that your profile is completed with a professional image and compelling bio, There is nothing that sends the message that “I don’t care about my brand and professional image!” than a profile without a photo or one that is incomplete.

Ensure that you are using the right colours and fonts that send out the right message about your brand. Create beautiful stories through photos for your website and ensure that your brand name isn’t causing ideal clients to overlook your brand.  If you would like to learn more about how to give your brand image a chic makeover, go to this link.


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