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"I searched for a business coach for weeks. I wanted someone who wasn't just a "cookie cutter" business coach. Hanna's coaching style was unique and refreshing; she seamlessly combined the mindset practice that I needed with the tangible changes that I also needed to make to be successful in my online business.  I said yes to working with Hanna because I was in desperate need of change. I was passionately working an expensive hobby that needed to quickly change into a full-time business. I had the knowledge, the ability, and the skills to succeed, but I didn't have a brand.  No one knew my name, what my message was, or how I could help them. To be honest, I didn't really know either!

Hanna helped me set a clear foundation for my consulting businesses. She helped me mentally, spiritually, and technically to "become" my brand. I went from unrelatable and confusing to personable and simplified. Even after our paid sessions were complete, Hanna continued to check in on my progress. She went well over and beyond what was expected; she could sense when I was feeling discouraged, and she helped me instantly gain back confidence and resilience. I am so happy with my transformation, and I would highly recommend her if you want to finally realize your desire to create a luxury business and brand that you love.”


Jennifer Hutchinson, Physiologist and Certified Herbalist
Jennifer Hutchinson, Physiologist and Certified Herbalist Beauty in Bloom