3 Ways Storytelling Will Help You Build Your Brand

Hanna Fitz- Brand Strategist and Online Business Coach

I was recently commissioned as the brand strategy consultant to creatively direct an international CSR campaign that involves storytelling to communicate with this brand’s customers and key stakeholders.

This is an exciting project that not only draws on my extensive experience as a strategist; it also requires my storytelling and copywriting skills, two very essential elements of brand-building to help this company reshape its market perception and connect at an emotional level with its international customers and all its key stakeholders.

Most people think of rebranding as just the logo, new website and images but storytelling can powerfully help reposition a brand through these visuals. It is how brands express their unique brand strategy and identity in a consistent and compelling way, that resonates with their ideal client at the subconscious level.

Many of the successful brands you see in any industry including coaching and consulting brands, have invested in developing a clear brand strategy and unique brand D.N.A to stand out and express it consistently to the market through high-impact stories, stunning images, websites, etc.

Here’s how your brand can benefit from storytelling:

#1 Connect Emotionally with Your Ideal Client
Regardless of how rational we claim to be, we are emotional beings. If you look back many of the decisions that you made were based on how you felt at a certain point in time. Great brands influence our behavior by tapping into our positive emotions by using subconscious codes in images and copywriting.

#2 Stay Memorable
Storytelling is a great way to make your brand memorable with your ideal client. People may not always remember the products but they remember the stories. It’s a way to powerfully connect your brand to something bigger while reinforcing and communicating your unique brand identity.

#3 Stand out as different from your competitors
When done correctly, storytelling not only has the power to increase revenue, it also has the ability to help you stand out from your competitors to offer more than a product/service but a unique emotional experience which people will connect to your products and services. This becomes a benefit that your ideal client will feel that they cannot get from another product or service but yours.

Telling stories that are connected to and communicate clearly your brand strategy is key to success.


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