4 Characteristics of a Successful Brand

Hanna Fitz- Brand Strategist and Online Business Coach


If you are running an online business and trying to attract customers online, brand image matters more than ever. Have you ever wondered why certain brands with brick and mortar operations invest so heavily in both in-store design and their online presence? They are trying to create a unique and consistent experience for their clients where ever these clients may encounter in their brand.

While there may be differences, essentially the aesthetics of the Apple store in London are same as Los Angeles and Asia. As an online entrepreneur investing in a high quality brand image is key to attracting your ideal clients, sending a clear message of a commitment to quality and charging a premium price.

Well packaged products and services can command higher prices than basic generic products. So how do you know if you have created a high quality and successful brand? Here are the three attributes of a successful brand:


#1 Passion

Customers connect better with heart-centered and passionate brands. In branding, it is all about creating meaningful connections with your audience. Gone are the days when advertisers pushed products to consumers and told them they should buy it. Today, consumers have greater buying power and are more influential than ever before. A report by Digital Intelligence Today found that consumers are 92% more likely to trust recommendations by people they know. They also want to buy from a brand that has a heart, a brand that is driven my the desire to help people not just make a profit.Your job as a brand owner is to build strong connections with your customers so that they can send you more people like them.


#2 Unique

Your brand needs to be different, to stand out. Successful brands find the Gap in the market and fill it. They are positioned properly and clearly and know all the important details on who their ideal client is and how best to serve them and keep serving them. They understand their value proposition and how it is different from their competitors in order to create a blue ocean for their business. When you don’t have a clear positioning for your brand, you may find yourself having to compete on price because you can’t show where your real value or points of difference lie. Successful brands invest heavily in this area because they understand how this impacts their bottom line.


#3 Great Aesthetics

Ever went shopping and didn’t want to throw the shopping bag or box away? That’s how a great brand gets you to keep toting around their name or display it in you house. Successful brands know that a key part of the brand building process is great visuals. A timeless logo, beautiful and easy to use website, high quality photography and easy to recognize style across all platforms. Having a poorly designed logo, website and low quality photos can really impact a brand’s positioning negatively. You won’t attract the best clients because those high value clients are looking for a stand out professional brand. It can also impact your sales confidence because you know your brand image isn’t that great and you feel uncomfortable charging what you know your products are worth.


#4 Consistency

Successful brands are consistent. These brands understand that in order to build strong brand recognition over time, they must be consistent with their image and message. Many small business owners are challenged in this area because they have not been able to clarify their message and what their brand stands for. Part of the problem is the vast amount of information out on the web, sending them in a spiral of confusion. Also, some are constantly on the defense, reacting to every move of their competitors or every trend in the market. The old adage is true, consistency leads to breakthrough. It pays to be consistent when it comes to your branding.

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