Hanna Fitz- Brand Strategist and Online Business Coach


One of the biggest challenges of small business owners, is getting more ideal customers through their doors and keeping them. I am sure you can relate to having the type of customers that you wish you could replicate and get more of! The problem is most us, is that we are afraid to draw a line in the sand and make it clear that our products and services are not for everyone.

Before you think about diluting your product quality or price to try to serve everyone and anyone, here are some strategies you can use create a brand that attracts the right customers to your business.

#1 Clarify Your Purpose:

Having a clear definition of why your company exist (your reason for being) and how it is providing a valuable and solution- oriented product or service is important. Think of your company as a fixer. What are you fixing or making better for your customer? Your brand needs to be solving a problem for a specific group of people, in order to attract them. It is important that you set a clear purpose and values (that you actually live by and believe in) so that like-minded people can clearly identify with you.

#2 Know Your Customers:

Successful brands invest a lot of time, effort and money in getting this process correct. Your ability to accurately identify who your customers are is a key factor for attracting and keeping your ideal customers. Take time out to find out from your current customers what they like about your business and what they wish you were doing better! Look beyond the features and tap into the emotional benefits. If you understand that you are not just selling a product but solving a problem, customers will not only keep coming, they will send more people in their network to you.

#3 Create Products/Services That Actually Solve Problem:

Another way to get more customers that you really enjoy selling to, is to ensure that you are selling a product/service that does what it says it does and solves the customer’s problem. If customers are getting results with your products and services, there is a strong likelihood that they will recommend it to other like-minded people. Referral is a strong source of business, try your best to keep your promise.


#4: Positioning, Positioning, Positioning:

This is a critical strategy that successful brands use to attract more ideal customers. Having the right image to match your positioning, will ensure that your ideal customers will immediately recognise you as the brand that can solve their problem or meet their desired standard. If you don’t brand yourself, the market will brand you. But go beyond the design element of your brand and think of it as a person with a message, movement and culture.People like to feel a part of something and creating a brand that makes people feel like they’re part of some kind of “club” is key.


#5: Don’t Sell, Tell:

According to Linkedin “storytelling may be the number one business skill of the next five years.” The best brands tell captivating stories. Creating a story around your brand is a great way to get customers engaged and emotionally connected to your company. Your story isn’t just what you tell people or create in content, it is how they perceive your brand based on what you are putting out into the market. The employees you hire, the type of paper and colours you use for your collateral material (brochures, business cards, in-store design etc) are all part of your brand story.

Building a brand takes time and consistent effort. As a business owner it is very important that you believe in what you are selling. Often the culture of a small business stems from the personality of the founder. The key is to ensure that you are able to match up your passion with the desires of your ideal market. Today, it is not products that sell, its passion, purpose and connection.














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