Why You Need A Roadmap For Your Brand Building Success

Hanna Fitz- Brand Strategist and Online Business Coach

I was thinking a lot about what is standing in our way of making progress in business and I remembered our sailing trip to the South Pacific last year. When we arrived on Raiatea, we found out that no tour guide worked on a Sunday and there were no maps to the waterfall we wanted to see!!! We only had one day on that island and needed to make to Bora Bora by a certain date.
 Against all the advice of the experts (residents of the island), who told us that we would get lost without a tour guide and that it was best not to do it all… We thought, we have no choice. There are no tour guides… And besides, how hard could it be to find a waterfall on island that was barely 64.7 sq miles???
 So there we were all geared up, no map, no tour guide, only hope.
After one hour and half of walking, exhausted and going deeper into a forest that seemed to yield no path the waterfall. At some point going in circles, we decided to call it a day. When we got back to the yacht, one of our friends started to look at the photos he had taken with his drone during our walk and saw a picture of the waterfall.
The waterfall was there, relatively close, but we had no clue how to reach it and didn’t even know how close we were. It was a life lesson for me. Often we are so close to our goal, but without a roadmap, a guide, we can miss the mark. Often it is not what we are willing to do that keeps us from achieving success. It is what you are unwilling to do that is holding you back.

We were willing to walk, but we were unwilling to wait to do it with a tour guide. Often you may think you have no choice, but you are always making choices and you can always make a different decision. Where in your brand building process are you missing a roadmap?

Where have you convinced yourself over and over again that you can do it by yourself, only to end up in the same spot? If you are ready to get a clear roadmap to build your high-end brand online, I would love to meet with you privately.

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