Are you still waiting for your life to get good?
Does your life feel like a constant struggle? 

 You don’t need to WAIT OR STRUGGLE anymore!

You can have all the happiness, joy, success and inner peace that you desire starting now.

Your greatest challenge is not the people, system or world around you, it’s your mind.

The mind can be a battlefield, but you can win.

We learn the limiting beliefs of our parents and society, which holds so many people back from taking the action they know they need to take to achieve their deepest desires.

Work on the transformation of your mind and you will see the transformation in your life.

I AM THE GATEKEEPER: 101 DAILY KEYS TO UNLOCK YOUR HAPPINESS, OVERCOME ADVERSITY AND FULFILL YOUR PURPOSE is designed to be your daily reminder of the magnificent powerhouse that you are.

I like to think of this book as a daily life coach there with you to keep you accountable. Like a cheerleader exciting you to rise to the occasion of your best life.



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“You were born qualified to make a difference in this world.”

 More than a self-help book, I AM THE GATEKEEPER: 101 Daily Keys To Unlock Your Happiness, Overcome Adversity and Fulfill Your Purpose, is an easy to use daily roadmap which will help you stay focused on winning and creating a happy and fulfilling life.

Through the 101 keys and 101 positive affirmations, this easy to use daily companion serves as a guide to help motivate and remind you that regardless of whatever may be happening in your life, you are a winner. A positive mind can lead to beautiful places.

When we take control of our minds by consistently affirming the truth of who we really are and were created to be, we can win the mind game and find true joy and purpose in our lives. We can unlock the gates to the world, we know we want to be experiencing.

STEP INTO YOUR POWER and stay focused with the help of the daily keys and affirmations which are reminders of who you truly are!


Really loved reading all of the positive affirmations in this book. As a woman, who runs her own business and for the most part works alone, it’s books like this that remind you to keep going. It can be really hard to step back and really see what you’ve done, but this book will help you do that. It makes you breathe. Stop and take the breath you need to regroup, eradicate any negativity you have, and move forward with your dream. It’s a must-read!  Amazon Buyer


“I must admit, I am not too much into self help literature mainly because they tend to give ambiguous advice and leaves the reader unclear with the next steps. What I love about I Am the Gatekeeper is that it’s not a self help book but it’s a road map that helps engage and change the way you think and discover your true potential. These changes are kicked into gear through the process of affirmation. I personally like to read the affirmations out loud because I believe the process of me hearing me tell myself something engages and sticks more. Overall, I love the flow of the book. I am well into the book now and although I promised myself I would read one affirmation daily, I get consumed into the positivity that I feed off from the book and go well beyond one. If you’ve been searching for a simple yet engaging way to to help you forward in life. Start here!!!”-

M. Felicien, Amazon Buyer 

This is a beautiful book and one you want to leave out on your nightstand to read every day. The advice and daily keys are wonderfully written and are absolutely the truth in transforming your life.  Amber Kamps


Wonderful read. I am on key 58. The affirmations after each key help you focus on the daily message. I have decided to read the entire book before 2015 ends and reread a key each day in 2016. Hats off to you Hanna!”  Valencia, Amazon Buyer


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