3 Ways to Develop a Positive Mindset

Hanna Fitz- Brand Strategist and Online Business Coach

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There is all this talk about having a positive mindset. Why is this so important? A positive outlook on life can change your whole life experience. Personally, working on my mindset has been life changing. I went from dreaming of owning a business 7 years ago to working with clients I love to serve, while travelling the world.

What if you could approach every situation with a healthy dose of optimism. Knowing that no one is against you or trying to hurt you and even if they were trying to, it doesn’t matter because you completely trust your personal power and know that the power within is greater than any force on the outside.

Running a business requires personal strength and a positive attitude. When you approach life from the mindset that no matter what experience comes to you is here to advance you on the journey, you are in a mindset that you are always winning. From that perspective, you will win more often and turn adversity to advantage almost every time. Here are five ways to develop the positive mindset needed to build your successful brand:


#1 – Make a conscious decision

Developing a positive mindset requires deliberate effort and intention. You have to make a conscious decision to transform old habitual ways of thinking into new thought and behaviourial patterns. This does not mean walking around saying “I am a positive person” or trying to positive think away events in your life. It simply means acknowledging that yes, this has happened, but what are the positive aspects or lessons of this situation?

At times you may have to talk yourself into doing the opposite of what you have always done or how you have reacted in the past. As Albert Einstein said, to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result is the defintion of insanity. When you decide, it’s your first step. The next important step is to keep your promises to yourself and take action to changing old habits and thought patterns that no longer serve you.


#2- Take responsibility for your outcomes

It is so easy to retreat into victim mode. It makes us feel better about ourselves if someone else is responsible and we don’t have to face our truth, the part we played whether unconsciously or consciously. In my daily guide book I AM THE GATEKEEPER: 101 Daily Keys To Unlock Your Happiness, Overcome Adversity and Fulfill Your Purpose, I talk about owning your personal power and taking responsibility for the outcomes and events in your life.

If you operate from a mindset that life is happening for you not to you, you will never feel like a victim. You will shift from a position of victim to a position of strength knowing that there is a blessing and lesson in every situation. With a positive outlook on life you will see that everything is happening to bless you. The great Italian Poet Dante Aligherghi showed us through his divine comedy that sometimes you have to go through the inferno to get to paradise.


#3- Meditation

Meditation is scientifically proven to help regulate your mood and several other benefits. This article on Psychology Today by Emma M. Seppälä Ph.D entitled “20 Scientific To Start Meditating Today”, it was found that meditation can boost your immune system, reduce pain, depression, increased focus and can help make you a more compassionate person. I am definitely an advocate for meditation which is why I created a “free meditation experience” with positive affirmations which you can download at this link.

Meditation is not hard nor is it something esoteric. It is simply giving yourself a moment in time, to go within and embrace your own inner calm. To move away from all the worries, stress and endless chatter that goes on in our heads and experience calmness. We can get so busy that often we can miss out on the ultimate luxury in life, doing nothing and just sitting still and listening to our bodies and reconnecting with our true nature.  Give it a try, I am certain you will fall in love with meditation when you see how different your days become.



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