Couples In Business: Kurt and Syrisa Metzger Interview

Hanna Fitz- Brand Strategist and Online Business Coach

February is the “love month” and apart from being overly sentimental this time of year,  it really got me thinking about couples in business.

Should we really be mixing business with pleasure? Is there a way to find the balance between Venus and Mars? I have to admit, that I had my own fears about walking the line, but after working with some of the most amazing partnerships in business and watching how they built their dream together, I am convinced that with the right attitude, it can work for some people.

Today, I would like to share with you a story that captured my heart. This month’s interview features, a couple in business, Chef Kurt and Syrisa Metzger from San Diego. After an accident, he suffered from amnesia and couldn’t remember his wife, his staff at their restaurant or even what it took to be a chef. He has never recovered his memory to date.

Their story is one of overcoming adversity, rediscovering love and pursuing your passion regardless of any challenge. True Gatekeepers in life and love. Click the image below or this link to watch this interview!

Kurt and Syrisa Metzger


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