Why You Need Brand Clarity

Hanna Fitz- Brand Strategist and Online Business Coach

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When a woman buys a designer dress, she isn’t simply buying a basic need to cover her body. She will purchase clothing from a brand that she identifies with; one that reflects her self image, a need to send a particular message in that moment (successful, professional, sexy, fashionable) and her lifestyle. That’s why having a clear definition of what your brand stands for is so critical for your business success. 

Let’s take Giorgio Armani for example; the house is known for understated luxury and elegance, while Versace is the opposite, known for glamorous luxury and rock ‘n’ roll sexy. Both brands sells products at similar price points within the luxury fashion industry, yet serve two different types of customers.

Customers with a strong “personal brand identity” may stick to one brand which reflects who they are or what they want to be identified as (timeless elegance or rock ‘n’ roll glam). On the other hand, a customer may make purchases from different brands depending on their mood or need at a particular time. What your brand stands for and your message is what will let your ideal customers know that you are the best option for the need they are trying to fill. 

What the market believes about your brand, is something that you can influence. This can be done through carefully and deliberately developing a clear brand strategy and through compelling storytelling.

I love how BMW, has always been consistent with its message of performance. In a commercial for its 6 Series Grand Coupé, a solar eclipse is taking place and as the moon and the sun (two of the most powerful planets in the universe) merge, the car emerges and moves in the direction of the eclipse (watch the video here).

This is a powerful message, positioning the car as a rare symbol beauty similar to an eclipse, something worthy of everyone’s attention. The commercial emphasizes BMW’s strength and ability to combine functionality and style while still delivering powerful performance.

BMW didn’t have to say how powerful the car is, they demonstrated this power through creative association with a universal phenomenon. A person looking for a high performance car would be drawn to BMW’s message and style of communication because the brand understands them.

While most business owners focus only on developing great products and services while neglecting branding, it is a worthwhile investment to get complete brand clarity, understand your market and build products and services that fill the gaps in their lives. When you have a clear understanding your brand you no longer have to compete for the same customer as your competitor. You will own your niche, serving a particular group of people whose style resonates with yours.

Don’t let the media and other people define your brand for you, it is important to play an active role in influencing the message and story that is being told and who it is reaching. 


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