Top 10 Home-Based Business Ideas for 2016

Hanna Fitz- Brand Strategist and Online Business Coach

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When I first started my business, I took up an office in a trendy area, because it somehow gave me the feeling of “Legitimacy”. My office was next to a coffee shop and I found myself in there quite often with my laptop! After around six months of doing business by email, Skype or visiting my client’s at their office, I decided I preferred the freedom and flexibility of working from home.  Having the overheads for an office just didn’t make sense for me.

Today, more and more people want the flexibility and freedom that working from home or where ever has to offer. Once you have wifi and a laptop, for most businesses today, you’re set. Here is my list of top 10 favorite profitable work from home business opportunities this year in no particular order:

#1 Copywriting: Today, freelance copywriters is in higher demand than ever before, as companies are making content marketing a bigger part of their online strategy. If you’re skilled with words, great with SEO and an excellent communicator, then this could be the right “work from home” job for you. According to, a freelance writer can make an average of US$28 per hour and this is also if you are skilled in blogging.  Total pay is between US$21,343 – $117, 631. You can use these resources to find freelancing jobs.

#2 Online Shop: There are many stories of people (e.g. Rosie Oneill owner of Sugarfina) running successful online shops through sites like Shopify, eBay, and Etsy. All you need to figure out is what your passion is “women’s clothing, designing jewelry, your own artwork etc.? Set up your PayPal account which will allow you to collect payments worldwide. Whatever you decide to do, there are great platforms out there that can help you get started in business at home, doing what you love.

#3 Virtual Assistant: this is a self-employed position where you would provide administrative or even creative support to clients from your home or where ever. Your task could be to do bookkeeping, online research, manage emails or scheduling. With more entrepreneurs soliciting the help of virtual teams to grow their business, you could be in for a good paying career. According to the average annual salary in the US for a virtual assistant is US$21, 372 – $64,066.

#4 Graphic Designer: Business owners always need help with designing attractive newsletters, flyers, business cards and other promotional material to attract customers. If you are skilled with Illustrator, obsessed with typography and love Photoshop, then this could be a great work from home business for you. The average earnings/salary is US$40,666.


#5 Blogger: Whether you decide to run your own blog or write for established blogs, this is definitely a great opportunity for those who love to write and are passionate about a particular niche. Imagine working from your couch in pajamas or on a beautiful beach on the island of Saint Lucia! Some bloggers get paid US$100+ per posts. It can be quite competitive, but always find ways to create added value and put yourself out, there if you decide to do it. If you are starting your own blog, be patient with the process.

#6 Website Designer: Which business doesn’t need a website today? Remember the saying “a business with no sign is a sign of no business?” Well, a business without a website might as well not exist. If you have a love for HTML and PHP, then you could be in for a lucrative business, helping your clients reach more customers online. According to, the average freelance web designer salary is US$51, 000 per year. Turn it into a business and you can more than exceed these earnings.

#7 Life Coaching: If you love helping others realize their full potential and achieve their goals, working through their obstacles and challenges and helping them create mindset shifts, then this may be a great opportunity for you. The life coaching industry had an annual revenue of US$1Bn in 2014 with a 7.8% annual growth rate according to

#8 Translator: Are you fluent in several languages? You can work with individuals to help them build their fluency or translate professional documents, books and marketing material. There are great translator networking sites with forums that can help you get work. Learn more by downloading my list of best websites for freelancing jobs. 

#9 Social Media Marketing Consultant: Businesses have to find creative ways to engage and convert more customers online. You can use your social media skills and turn it into a business. Although some clueless “experts” have given social media consultants a bad image, if you have the ability to take things to the next level, be a strategist and can prove that you can generate results, then you should get paid for it. The average earning is US$49,429 according to

#10  SEO Consultant: Business owners and managers are searching for ways to increase their search engine ranking, get found, and reach their ideal customers. You can start your home-based business helping companies and small business owners make their website more SEO friendly. Help your clients improve their conversion rate, click-through and exit rate.


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